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WWW.WESTCA.COM( the largest Chinese website in Canada. It has more than 80,000 visitors/day, 40 million page-views/month, over 20,000 registered members growing by 20%/month. is ranked around 3000th worldwide on, and over 1.1 million pages of can be searched by Google.

  WWW.WESTCA.COM has the following special features to make it become the largest Chinese website in Canada:

  • The hottest BBS of local Chinese community are proudly maintained by

  • provides in-depth contents & news in over 20 major areas varying from local to worldwide, and covering latest topics on life,education, finance,realty and sports etc;

  • The largest Chinese travel website in North America- TRAVEL.WESTCA.COM is served by TRAVEL.WESTCA.COM provides abundant travel information through North America, especially the information of Western Canada.

  • BLOG.WESTCA.COM is the first and largest Chinese Blog Community in North America, contains over10,000 unique blogs;

  • The largest Chinese E-YELLOW PAGES in Greater Vancouver is served by, providing all kinds of business information;

      In addition, the HOUSE CENTRE developed by is a powerful online property listing system serving the hottest housing desire of Chinese community. Over 100 realtor has registered as members and over 800 properties in this listing system. It has got over 13,500 articles and posts with over 2 million visits!

       The RealtorSun System that has developed by taking advantage of its advanced web development technology in large scale website and serving experience for Real Estate Industry, will help your Realty business grow up!


Published on: 2006-10-23

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