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Multilingual Website Help Realtors Serve Multicultural Society
Date: 2006-12-05 | Source: | Font: Small Medium Big

Multiculturalism is the policy of Canadian Government. More and more new immigrants from different countries come to Canada every year. Many immigrants need for a new home after they arrive here. 

Here are the topics of some latest news in the largest Chinese portal

  • 100,000 new immigrants who speak Mandarin do not know English well
  • China is Canada’s number one source of immigrants
  • In Canada many homebuyers are Chinese immigrants who like to buy homes

  • All of the news indicates that more and more Chinese immigrants come to Canada every year. They bring great business for Realty Industry in Canada.

    But we can not ignore the language problems. Based on the data of BC Statistic Bureau:
    In 3,000,000 populations of Great Canada, over half million are Chinese immigrants. It is a well-known fact that there are different situations in these Chinese immigrants: People from Mainland China speak Mandarin and use Simplified Chinese; People from Hong Kong speak Cantonese and use Traditional Chinese; People from Taiwan speak Mandarin and use Traditional Chinese. Because for these people their mother language is not English, they prefer property information in Chinese and realtor website in Chinese.

    So having a website which supports multi-languages will definitely help realtors to meet the needs of immigrants. This is also why designs a powerful business website system (RealtorSun System) for Real Estate Industry. It supports three kinds of languages in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and easy to extend to support more languages. All of the web pages can be switched to different languages. Furthermore it uses advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology to greatly increase traffic for realtor's website. RealtorSun System will definitely help realtors to serve Canada's multicultural population better!

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