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The Powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Date: 2006-12-06 | Source: | Comments: 0 | Font: Small Medium Big
RealtorSun System employs advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology to make Realtor’s website search engine friendly with Google, Yahoo ,MSN, Baidu, etc. This greatly increases web traffic for the website. Then what is SEO? And how powerful is it?

Search Engine Optimization is a subset of search engine marketing, and deals with increasing total number and quality of visitors from Search Engines. SEO provides a complete solution for helping a website achieve the best possible search engine rankings. It enables all of the web pages of a website to be searched by Search Engines. SEO benefits business by directing more free traffic to a web site and achieving higher search engine rankings.
It is a well-known fact that over 65% traffic for Internet comes from Search Engines. And most people just see the ranking results of the first two pages. So it is very important to use SEO to make a website search engine friendly and rank high in the search result listings. A website optimized by SEO technology can get so much more traffic than regular website!
Somebody maybe think that Search Engines automatically search every web page that they find. But frankly speaking, this is wrong. Currently most web pages of most websites are generated by code. The usual format of web links for these web pages is: File Name + Parameter. For example, a realtor has 10 properties listed on his website. Then the web link of each property’s web page could be:

There is nothing wrong for a website to generate web links like this way. But Search Engines do not like web pages with this kind of links. They ignore the last parameter (‘id’ in this case) and consider all of the 10 property pages as 1 web page: list.php. So no matter how many properties this realtor is listing on his website, Search Engines just search one web page.
The web links that Search Engines really like are links with .htm or .html postfix. All of the web pages with this kind of links are static pages and can be searched by Search Engines. So for all website built by RealtorSun System, the link of each web page is with .html postfix. It means all of the web pages on the website can be easily searched by Search Engines.
Since all websites built by RealtorSun System supports three kinds of languages (English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese), each web page of each kind of language is also static web page and can be searched by Search Engines as well. So all of the visitors with different languages can search the contents posted on the website.
Moreover, RealtorSun System analyzes the contents of each web page and set important information (topic, property address, etc) as keywords. So it greatly increases opportunity for such information to be searched.

In a word, the development team of RealtorSun System employs a range of strategies and techniques to optimize the website. This definitely helps websites to generate more web traffic and improve their ranking in the Search Engines.
So what are you waiting for? RealtorSun System is the best choice for you to build a great and professional realtor website!

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