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Example of Searching a Website Optimized By SEO
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RealtorSun System specializes in using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology to optimize all web pages for a website. Let’s use website we built for our client Peter NGU) as an example to see the actual search engine results page:

Let's see the number of web pages cached by Yahoo Search Engine:

Yahoo has cached 97 web pages. This means all of the web pages on can be searched by Yahoo Search Engine.

Let’s use “Web Links” page as an example to check if all of the pages with different languages have been cached:

“Web Links” pages with three kinds of languages (English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese) have all been cached.

Then we check if pages with property information have been cached by search engines:

It is clear that all of these pages with three kinds of languages have all been cached.

Finally let’s see the actual searching result page:

We have searched one of the properties in the active listing.  is the first one to be listed on the searching result page. This client also put this property on other websites. But we can not find other websites in this searching result list.

RealtorSun System employs advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology which will greatly generate traffic for realtor's website and help their realty business to grow up!

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