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Automatically Language Converting Between Simplified And Traditional Chinese
Date: 2006-12-07 | Source: | Comments: 0 | Font: Small Medium Big
RealtorSun System supports both Simplified and Traditional Chinese for a website. Its embedded powerful language converting system can automatically convert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese, or converting Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese.

Some other website design systems on the market also support both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. But some of them need users to input contents in both languages, or use language converting server which need users to spend extra expense. Some systems depend on Javascript on the client side to convert languages. This way is inefficient and makes client's computer very busy.
But RealtorSun System does not have those problems at all. It uses a different way to implement language converting which makes it having so much more advantages:

  • Completely converting between Simplified and Traditional Chinese without missing any word;
  • Automatic and fast converting on the server end which makes readers can not feel the process at all; 
  • Using highly efficient converting algorithm;
  • Does not generate any new data in the database which greatly save storage expenses for the website; 
  • Using the best converting algorithm which converts languages word by word instead of character by character. For example, “公寓” in Simplified Chinese is converted to “柏文” in Traditional Chinese; “城市屋” in Simplified Chinese is converted to “鎮屋” in Traditional Chinese; 
  • Enable to set marks for special contents which do not need language converting; 
  • Perfectly working with RealtorSun’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology which makes all web pages in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese search engines friendly;

  • RealtorSun's embedded language converting system works in two ways:

  • Automatically converts Simplified Chinese that users input to Traditional Chinese. Likewise, automatically converts Traditional Chinese that users input to Simplified Chinese;
  • Based on “Automatically Generating Chinese Web Page” settings, automatically generate whole web pages from Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese, or automatically generate whole web pages from Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese;

  • The official website of RealtorSun System: employs this advanced language converting system for itself. You can feel the extremely powerful and convenient converting feature by visiting this website.

    RealtorSun System specializes in using cutting edge technology to make Realtor's Websites get twice the result with half the effort!

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