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Why realtor needs a website?
Date: 2006-11-28 | Source: | Comments: 1 | Font: Small Medium Big
Now more and more realtors are using their realtor website to promote themselves, general speaking, there are four reasons:

Meet The Needs Of Current Market And Your Client

Right now, over 70% percent homebuyers are using the Internet to research their new home and find a real estate agent. Many people get property listings, realty news, agent information from Google, large portal website, specialized realty website (such as MLS) .
Moreover, Internet provides so much information for users for free! On the contrary, traditional media has many disadvantages, such as inconvenient to buy, limited information etc. That is why more and more people intend to use the Internet to get realty information.

Get The Best Way For Promotion

Having your own website is the best way for promotion since it surmounts the space and time. Your website can even host your properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It allows you to constantly be available for prospective clients - even when the office is closed. Moreover, not only the local people, but also all of the people in the world can access your website. For example, only website has the capability to let many Chinese immigrants to get to know you and your property listings before they come here. A website allows you to work smarter not harder - the key to success in any business!

Save Your Money And Do A Better Job

Traditional advertising options-Newspapers, homes magazines, television etc, can get very expensive. Having a website is simple and cheap (around $30 a month) and incredibly effective. It has so much advantages that traditional media can not give you: Post as many content as you want without any limitation; Many ways to present your property and yourself, such as text, image, flash, video, etc; Support different kinds of languages at the same time, such as English, Chinese.

Furthermore, you can add a new property and modify your existing property information at any time. Can any other traditional media allow you to do this?

So why waste the money when you can spend a dollar a day and give your prospects full access to your listings, contact information, and helpful advice? Winning the real estate marketing game isn't about who spends the most money, but who is the smartest at spending their money.

Make Yourself Powerful By Using Advanced Technology

The biggest difference between website and other media is it provides you an interactive way to communicate with readers. The homebuyers can leave a message to you for finding a new home. The home sellers can fill in a form on your website for evaluation. All of these will help you find prospects from the largest untapped pool of hot leads on the Internet. And with the fast development of Internet technology, the website will give you more and more! Having a website is really going to let your realty business grow up!

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#1  ANGILLENA DEODAT Time: 2007-09-29 23:37:09
I want to know if and how someone like me from another country, can get a job on the internet as a sales agent for any realty. Is it possible because...  [More...]
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